Melco Commercial Embroidery Machines and Direct to Garment Printers is the place to find information on Melco products that are distributed in the
United States. Melco has been a manufacturer of embroidery software and commercial embroidery machiness ince 1972.

NEW EMT16 Embroidery Machines

The Melco EMT16 modular embroidery machine is our latest technological advancement. Each embroidery head contains 16 needles and can be configured for single-head or multi-head embroidery operation. EMT16 is controled by the Melco Operating System, or MOS. MOS is a user-friendly interface for ease of operation and maintenance. For more details, click here.

NEW F2000 Direct to Garment Printers

MelcoUSA is now a distributor of the F2000 direct to garment printer by Epson. The F2000 sets the standard for printers in its class. When you choose MelcoUSA as your dealer for F2000 printers, you're gaining a partner with expert knowledge in the apparel decoration industry. To learn more about the F2000 direct to garment printer, click here.

AMAYA XTS Embroidery Machines

These feature-packed embroidery systems are still available for a limited time, based on inventory. Contact your rep for availablity and pricing. Looking for information about AMAYA XTS embroidery machines? Click here.

G3 T-Shirt Printer

G3 produces quality prints on both light and dark garments. Multiple platen options, a refillable cartridge system, large printing area and MelcoRIP software make this compact machine an attractive option for many shops. Click here for more details.

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