Acti-Feed Thread Technology

We've taken the difficult guess-work out of thread tension!
Take a close look at the front of the AMAYA XTS embroidery machine. You'll notice something missing... the thread tension adjustment knobs you find on typical commercial embroidery machines. With the AMAYA XTS embroidery system, manually adjusted thread tension is a thing of the past.

Here's how it works:
Thread tension is controlled by the AMAYA Operating System, or AMAYA OS. You tell the software what type of material you're running and what type of thread you're using. Then the software takes over, adjusting thread tensions on the fly. This results in greater efficiency and more production from the machine.

But that's not all.

The patented Acti-Feed system includes Thread Break Recovery (TBR). In the event that a thread break does occur, the machine can be programmed to switch to a backup needle of the same color and continue to sew.

Acti-Feed thread technology represents the greatest advancement in commercial embroidery technology in decades. Automatic thread tension combined with the TBR system means less machine down-time, leading to greater profit margins for any embroidery business.

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