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Melco International is a leader in the apparel decorating industry. In addition to selling embroidery machine, direct-to-garment printers, and software, we aim to help businesses with support, training, machine maintenance, as well as general business...

 Let’s start with what it takes to produce a garment on an Epson F2000 DTG Printer. You will need:

  • F2000 Printer and all the accessories: platens, inks, computer, etc.
  • Pretreatment station
  • Heat press
  • Parchment paper

Most startup DTG operations acquire the basics laid out above, and this set up can be highly effective and efficient. I want to talk about the next step in efficiency; the place where your shop is expanding and...

 “For best results, use a T-shirt that is 100% cotton with thick and tightly-woven material, and a cotton blend ratio of 100 to 50%. Since the print quality cannot always be guaranteed for some types of fabric, perform a test print first.”

Okay that’s nice, but what does a “thick and tightly-woven shirt” look like and how do I know which brand offers thick and tightly-woven options? 

Epson CMYK ink prints great...

Pricing for profit is an important task for many start-up or novice business owners. Successfully balancing fair, equitable and profitable pricing for embroidery services will set you on the path to generating consistent profit margins. Often times, start-up businesses will use competitor’s prices as a foundation for their own pricing schedules. Use caution with this approach, as you are assuming that your competitors have done their homework AND their prices are...