Social Media Tips for Embroidery Business

There are hundreds of thousands of social media platforms on the web today. These platforms serve different purposes as well as audiences. Some people are drawn to a more visual experience and prefer videos and images, but others enjoy reading, connecting and engaging. Remember that it usually doesn’t matter what YOU prefer, but rather what your audience prefers, where they are and what generates engagement with your apparel customization company.

When starting any new campaign, start with the basics and then branch out to target a more niche or geo targeted audience.

Top social media sites for businesses include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Because Facebook is the most widely used social network, and for other reasons, it is often the best place to start. You can send requests to your personal friends to like your page, post engaging content regularly, run contests, and even try Facebook ads to try and grow your page. If you are not very confident in your social media skills, start Facebook and go from there. When deciding on other soical networks you need to think of your audience. Pinterest has a large female (18 - 45) demographic, while Instagram tends to be popular amount younger people (18 - 29). 

Twitter is a good social network to use to network with other local and neighbouring businesses. You can follow any person or business, and tweet to them or send them direct messages. It is also a good place to stay up to date on local trending topics. 

YouTube is the most popular video network on the internet, and is the #2 most used search engine in the world (after Google). Video's are thought to be difficult to produce, but with a decent camera or cell phone you can take decent quality videos. Think about what type of videos you could create that customers might watch. 

Location Based Social Networks

Another category of social networks are location based ones. These are incredibly important for many local businesses. It allows customers, and potential customers, to find location and contact information for your business more easily. These tips are for all of you that have an actual shop that people can and will stop in at, see samples, pick up orders and chat with you. Since you're geo based you should add location-based social media to your online social branding efforts.

Google Places - Make sure all information is correct - name, address, phone number, description, website, categories, etc. You are able to see the analytics for searches, clicks, directions and so much more when you claim you location.

Foursquare - Create a personal account (don't worry, you don't actually have to let people know where you're at). After you have your personal account search for your business. Is it there? If it is and people have already checked in, that's awesome. If not, no worries, you can create a new location. Be sure to claim the location. If you claim by mail it takes roughly 2 weeks.

Are there local social networks for your town/city? Do a search and find out and make sure you create a presence on the ones you find that seem to be populated nicely and have a decent amount of engagement.