Melco's financing company, Red Thread Financial Group

Thank you so much Carrie, my wife and I are so happy with you that we have talked to different companies like Ricoma, Coldesi, Pentagram and other companies on what easy it was to work with you and how professional all of you are.

After all the frustration I got trying to deal with others financial companies, companies that were recommended by them for us to deal with, I felt
the need to call them and let them know how wrong they were and how much business they could get just having a financial company like yours, serving their customers.

We are growing little by little, we do not want to go crazy, I get business that we won’t be able to handle so we are just taking it easy and learning the business on the way up. And of course when we get ready to add more equipment to our business, there is no need to look for a financial company, we already have the best.

Thank you so much.


— Manny Milan: Vossi Enterprises LLC