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Multi Head Applications

Scalable Multi-Head Embroidery Machines

The EMT16 PLUS is a computerized embroidery machine ideal for commercial, high output and multi-head applications.

Add Machines as Your Business Grows!
melco emt16 embroidery machines

Outstanding Return On Investment Potential!

  • Melco EMT16 PLUS is designed for commercial, high-output production.
  • The modular, mobile system can be configured as needed for your specific situation.
  • ROI is achieved in as little as 11 months, based on an average of 5 embroidered garments per day, or about 45 minutes of machine run time per day.


Melco EMT16 PLUS commercial embroidery machines operate independently of each other, on the same network. Imagine running a large embroidery order on your multi-head system. Suddenly, there is a thread break on head number two. With Melco EMT16 PLUS, all other heads will keep running while the thread break is fixed on head two. In contrast, all heads on a conventional system will stop until the problem is fixed.

Here’s another scenario. Imagine you’re in the middle of a high-volume production run, all of your heads are working to produce a left chest logo on a polo shirt. Suddenly you get an order for 10 hats, and it’s a rush job. With EMT16 PLUS, you can pull a single head from the production run and set it up to produce the hat order without stopping production on the polo shirts. This is all done on the same system, using the same computer on a single network.

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