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EMT16X Commercial Embroidery Machines
multi head commercial embroidery machine
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With a modest capital investment and just a few hours of training, you can be generating substantial revenues for your apparel decoration business in no time.

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"We came across Melco and liked all of the specs…American company, 16 needles, and fastest stitch speeds out there. I also found the Acti-Feed™ feature attractive…" Click to read more.

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Need help with your equipment? Use this link to search our Customer Service website. You will find information, manuals, troubleshooting procedures, and more.

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We understand that your equipment purchase is only part of the investment you will make as a business owner. Running a successful business means you will need training and support. When you partner with Melco for your equipment and software solutions, you are getting a partner with decades of experience in the apparel industry. Since 1972 Melco has been the choice for entrepreneurs in need of apparel decoration solutions.

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Digitizing software transforms your vision into stitches, and using the right software for your needs can help you create beautiful products while growing your embroidery business.


Direct to garment (DTG) printing is a reliable method for producing long-lasting, high-quality, washable designs for clothing and other fabrics. Pretreatment is an essential part of the DTG process, and it’s the most important factor in creating vibrant, crisp, and long-lasting end products.

direct to garment t-shirt printer - epson f2100

Creating eye-catching designs isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. Depending on the product you’re working with and the desired aesthetic, you may need to switch between printing and embroidery.

multi needle embroidery machine

Embroidery thread - the right embroidery thread - is a big part of getting the perfect final product.