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Announcing Melco Fast Clamp PRO

Monday, September 11, 2017
embroidery machine clamping system

We are proud to release our new embroidery clamping system, the Melco Fast Clamp PRO.

The Melco Fast Clamp PRO was developed specifically for hard or impossible to hoop items. Melco engineers studied customer feedback, and in collaboration with Melco's Embroidery Applications Team, have created an adjustable clamping system that enables embroidery on the smallest of areas, including pockets, dog collars and leashes, backpacks, shoes, sandals, hats and more. This system makes embroidery easier by eliminating the need to hoop many products.

It's a versatile system, complete with three sets of arms; short, medium, and long. Changing from one size to another is a simple process, though it does require a hex key to remove the screws on the lower arms. With the arms installed, further adjustments are intuitive. Using adjustment knobs, set the arm width, place the item to be embroidered on the lower arms, and position using the alignment marks. Adjust the clamp height for a snug fit, clamp the arms down and you're ready to sew.

Retail price is very competitive at $890. Melco is flexing some design and engineering muscle with this sleek and well-built product. It's a light weight, yet rigid and a brilliantly simple system (as opposed to other products that require multiple frames/parts to accomplish similar tasks). Melco Fast Clamp PRO comes with the adjustable chassis and three arm sets as described above.

Melco Fast Clamp PRO is available for pre-order now.

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