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Epson SureColor F2000 Direct To Garment Printer Review

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Direct to Garment Printer

"I have been running Epson's SureColor F2000 (white) DTG printer and have printed hundreds of shirts. There is no doubt in my mind that Epson has set a new standard for the DTG industry! The F2000 is my third DTG printer in six or seven years in the DTG business. It far and away outperforms anything else with which I have had experience. Along with Epson's UltraChrome Ink, the finished product is truly the best ever."

Bob Clements, Owner, Thread Artists Custom Apparel Decorating

We’ve been a leading distributor of the Epson SureColor F2000 Direct to Garment printer since it first hit the market in 2014. From day one, it’s revolutionized the DTG printing industry by delivering industrial-level reliability, image quality, and production speeds. This machine is truly the best in its class!

Designed with textile printing in mind

The Epson Surecolor F2000 was purpose-built for textile printing. That means that unlike other DTG printers, it doesn’t repurpose paper printer components. Every aspect was designed for DTG printing, from the printhead to the inks to the color tables in the Garment Creator software. The result is a highly efficient system that results in less waste, fewer customer returns, and higher profits.

Flawless designs on both light and dark garments

Epson made sure their printer addressed one of the biggest issues plaguing DTG enthusiasts: white ink clogging everything it touches. Using white ink is a breeze thanks to the printer’s internal ink circulation, printhead wipers, anti-drying printhead caps, ink filters, and specially designed printhead. The result is unmatched reliability and color quality on every color of garment.

Easy to operate and maintain

The printing process is simple: First, load your shirt and secure it with the frame. Then, load your image into Garment Creator, size and position your shirt, and press print. To finish up, use a heat press or convection air dryer to cure the ink. That’s it!

And, the Epson F2000 maintenance process is just as easy. Daily maintenance is as simple as shaking the ink cartridges for a few seconds and performing a nozzle check. Other maintenance routines are prompted and clearly laid out, and replacement parts are easy to switch in and out.

Unparalleled washability

This printer is the only direct to garment printer to ever receive a 5-star rating by the AATCC for washability. That means the designs will typically last the life of the garment.

Accessories to streamline production

The Epson F2000 comes with everything you need to produce high-quality, customized t-shirts. But Epson also makes it possible to expand on the machine’s capabilities by offering a wide range of DTG accessories. From platens and heat presses to floor stands and dryers (and everything in between), you can easily grow your DTG garment business and boost your bottom line.

Largest training network in the nation

Melco has the largest network of Epson F2000 trainers in the nation. Our certified trainers, located throughout the U.S., are quick to respond and are experts in all areas of the F2000, from printer operation and maintenance to garment selection and digitizing software.

The best warranty in the industry

The Epson F2000 printer is backed by a standard one-year limited warranty. The plan includes priority technical phone support and on-site service calls (within 1–2 business days), as well as full coverage for labor and parts (including the printhead!).

Want to know more about how the Epson SureColor F2000 printer has set a new standard for the DTG industry? Get in touch with us!