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Firmware Update CL0036G6 Epson SC-F2000

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Preventive cleaning

Here are the particulars of the new Firmware Update from Epson for the SureColor F2000.

The purpose of the CL003G6 firmware update is so Epson F2000 customers can make more informed decisions about the environment (temp) they operate in and how they start-up their printer(s).

The firmware update (applied with LFP Remote Panel 2) for the SureColor F2000 does the following:

1. Timer Indicator
Adds Timer Indication to the control pane. Ink recirculation will now show (min:sec) instead of percentage complete.

2. Count Down Indicator
It adds a six hour Count Down Indicator (not shown) to the LCD panel for the routine Preventative Cleaning. Six hours is active printing time (printhead jetting ink) not clock hours. 

3. Temperature, or HOT Indicator
It adds a HOT Indicator, when “Hot” is shown, Preventative Cleaning occurs every 1 hour versus every 6 hours. The HOT Indicator will activate at around 82F, but can vary since the ambient temperature around the printhead is measured, and humidity is a factor.

4. Preventative Cleaning Option
It adds a "Preventative Clean" option to the maintenance menu that reset the timer to the full 6 hours (or 1 if hot).

A Real-World Example:

Condition: In the morning my Preventative Cleaning Timer shows 00H45M which is 45 minutes remaining.

  • If I have a lot of production for the day, then I do Preventative Cleaning (not normal light cleaning).
  • If I just need to print 4-5 shirts, then I do normal light cleanings and do Preventative Cleaning tomorrow.
  • If HOT is showing, either I don’t print, or I turn on the AC, or I run my print jobs, with the understanding that Preventative Cleaning will occur every 1 hr.

This is about making informed decisions on what type of cleaning to start with given the time remaining. That decision is based on the amount of print time needed for that day. In a given eight-hour shift, it is highly probable that there are not six hours of actual printhead jetting time. Of course you may also opt to leave Power-on cleaning on, which resets the timer.