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Understanding Epson SureColor F2000 Maintenance

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
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The Epson SureColor F2000 is the easiest, most user-friendly Direct to Garment printer to maintain on the market. One of the biggest advantages of the SC-F2000 is that the maintenance is prompted and preventative. Just follow your maintenance schedule to avoid the catastrophic breakdowns of typical printers.

This article will address your prompted and scheduled maintenance for the Epson SureColor F2000 DTG Printer.

Machine Downtime:

Turn Your Printer Off Daily:

  • Turn your printer off at the end of every work day. No need to clean or prepare for shutdown.
  • You can leave your printer off for 5-7 days without the need to start up and run ink through the head.

Not Printing For More Than 5-7 Days:

  • White ink needs to be replaced with cleaning solution if idle for more than 5-7 days. Colored ink can sit in the system for 30 days without concern.
  • If you are going to be away longer than 7 days, replace white ink with cleaning cartridges. If you run a white ink tube flush it will reset your monthly prompted counter.
  • Clean the suction cap before running white ink tube flush.
  • Allow cleaning solution to sit in the system while you are away. You will learn your printer's environment and know how the printhead reacts to down time; you may be able to extend past thWhite Epson printer ready to pWhite Epson printer ready to printrinte 7 day range. Better to add cleaning solution than clog a printhead.

Not Printing For More Than A Month:

  • If you do not intend to print for more than a month the SC-F2000 should be put into storage mode.
  • Replace all of your ink cartridges with cleaning solution. Your printer comes with 2 cartridges. Additional cartridges can be purchased on
  • Your printer can sit in this mode for an extended period of time.
  • Select storage mode from the printer's maintenance menu.
  • Before starting storage mode, clean the suction cap and ensure there is ample room in the waste tank.
  • Replace the Print Head Cleaning Set if it is nearing the end of it’s 1,000 print life.

Regular Operation Maintenance:

Daily Maintenance:

  • Shake White Ink Cartridges. Your printer will prompt you to shake white ink cartridges upon start up. Remove, hold flat, and shake 15 seconds on each side.
  • Allow printer to run ink circulation cycle. This is all internal and does not waste any ink.
  • Nozzle Check. Put platen in the P position and run Maintenance>Nozzle Check. Assess your nozzle's health. If patterns are broken do head cleanings to bring nozzles back to 100%. One or two nozzles out will not effect print result.
  • Head Cleaning. Maintenance>Head Cleaning. Select individual nozzles or all nozzles. Your Nozzle Check will determine which nozzles to clean. Run light, medium, or heavy cleaning to restore your nozzles. NOTE: Light head cleanings are usually sufficient to bring nozzles back to 100%. Medium is also used when printer has been idle for extended periods of downtime. Use heavy cleaning in the most extreme cases. If you cannot bring your nozzles back after repeated heavy cleanings, call Epson Tech Support 1-888-377-6611.
  • Your printer comes from the factory with the “Power On Cleaning” function set to ON. If you do not want your printer to run a medium head cleaning every time you start your printer turn this function off. With Power On Cleaning off, you will be responsible to do your head cleanings. This is what most operators do. Menu>Printer Set Up>Power On Cleaning, turn OFF.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Suction Cap Cleaning. Maintenance>Cap Cleaning.
  • A clean Suction Cap is essential for effective head cleanings.
  • Watch Epson maintenance video for Suction Cap Cleaning.

Bi-Weekly Maintenance or As Needed:

  • Clean Around Printhead. Maintenance>Clean Around Printhead. Shirt fibers and ink will build up around your printhead. If the areas around your head are not cleaned you could experience blurry, poor quality prints. Watch Epson maintenance video for Cleaning Around Printhead.
  • Clean Scale. Ink particles will build up on the scale. Regular cleaning is needed to avoid  printer error code D197. Watch Epson maintenance video for Cleaning the Scale NOTE. If you are not using your printer regularly you will not need to clean your scale every two weeks. Over cleaning could lead to a damaged scale.
  • Wash Spit Tray Filter. On the left side of your printer you ink spit tray filter will become clogged over time. Pull the filter, run under warm water, and break up any dried up ink with your fingers. Let filter dry and replace. If you see ink start to pool or puddle on the filter, it is time to rinse.

Monthly Maintenance:

  • White Ink Tube Flush. Before starting the tube wash, clean the suction cap to ensure the process runs at maximum effectiveness. At 14 minutes into the 40-minute tube wash, the printer will prompt to reinstall the white ink cartridges. As an alternative to Maintenance>White Ink Tube Wash you can run Maintenance>Replace White Ink maintenance command. This leaves the printer in an operational CMYK printing state for use on light garments. Use Maintenance>Replace White Ink again to reverse cleaning to white ink when printing with white ink is desired.
  • White Ink Tube Flush will prompt every 4 weeks. You have another 2 weeks for a total of 6 weeks before the cycle is mandatory. I suggest waiting 6 weeks before doing the flush. Ensure you have a half-full 600ml white, and half-full cleaning cartridges on hand to complete the cleaning.
  • Check for New Firmware and Software. Visit monthly to check for updated software.
  • Shake Color Ink Cartridges. Pull and shake all cartridges for 30 seconds.

As Needed Maintenance:

  • Printhead Maintenance Kit. Every 1000 prints your printer will warn you the Printhead Maintenance Kit is running low. Maintenance>Replace Head Cleaning Set. Remove and replace fabric wiper and anti-drying capping station and discard. Remove filter and replace. Do not discard old filter; instead rinse and keep available for reuse. Watch Epson maintenance video for Replacing The Head Cleaning Set.
  • Empty or Replace Waste Ink Tank. Discard waste ink then reset counter. Maintenance>Reset Waste Ink Counter.
  • Replace Air Filter. Your printer will prompt you to replace filter. Remove old filter and replace with new.

F2000 Maintenance Essentials To Always Have Available

When your printer prompts you to do maintenance it is essential you have the necessary equipment or your printer will shut down the printing option. Be sure to have the following at all times. As soon as you use one set replace with another. Go to to purchase maintenance supplies.

  • 2 – 600ml White Ink Cartridges
  • 2 – 700ml Cleaning Cartridges
  • 1 – Print Head Cleaning Kit
  • 1 – Printer Air Filter

Printable version of the Epson SureColor Maintenance Chart.