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CiTi Students Enjoy Working With New Embroidery Machine

CiTi Alternative Education student Gloria Roe (Central Square School District) wears an embroidered apron she made with the help of Retail CiTi’s new embroidery machine.

MEXICO – Teacher Michael Burke and about 15 students in the Project Explore Program, an alternative education component of the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation, have been trained and are now producing quality work with a new Melco embroidery machine.

The creativity process begins with the students’ use of DesignShop software to send a design to the Melco program.

Students then select an area of a product they want embroidered by securing it in place with a special frame, which is then guided onto the machine.

Needles that correspond with the various 16 colors of thread are then selected before students hit the ‘start’ button.

Burke said the Retail CiTi students will wear aprons as uniforms, complete with an embroidered CiTi logo.

Samples of embroidered creations, such as tote bags, shirts and other specialty items will be created to help market the products among various CiTi departments.

Throughout the process, the students learn and embrace several life skills: time management, collaboration, confidence, communication, goal-setting, problem solving and resilience.

After students develop marketing plans for each product, they sell their creations at Retail CiTi, a student-run store open on Fridays on CiTi’s main campus.

Various items for sale are on display in the Campus Café.


Date Published: 
Wednesday, November 30, 2016