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Commercial Embroidery Machine - Melco EMT16 PLUS

EMT16 PLUS Commercial Embroidery Machine Overview

Overview: Melco EMT16 PLUS Modular Embroidery System

EMT16 PLUS Commercial Embroidery Machines
Commercial embroidery machine, Multi Needle embroidery machine, Single Head embroidery machine, Multi Head Embroidery Machine

Why Melco? We give you the machinery, resources, and support to help you grow your business. Our state-of-the-art machines are built to be scalable, so it’s easy to add on more heads as your business thrives. The power of Melco machines, combined with hands-on training and our extensive 24/7 resource center, gives you the tools to turn your business goals into reality. 

 We sell commercial embroidery machines direct! We design, engineer and manufacture all Melco embroidery machines in the USA. Melco International is located just north of Denver, Colorado. All machines and software are sold and supported directly by Melco. Embroidery businesses choose Melco for its advanced embroidery technology AND our outstanding embroidery machine service and support! EMT16 PLUS is available in single-head or multi-head embroidery machine packages. Our machines come with a 6-year warranty (the longest in the industry) so you can rest assured you’re choosing the right partner for your business. 

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Features No Other Commercial Embroidery Machine Can Touch!

  • Simultaneous Single-Head AND Multi-Head Embroidery: Businesses love EMT16 PLUS embroidery machines because you get the power of both a single-head system and a multi-head system. Melco has flipped traditional embroidery machine production on its head with a completely new concept. This system is adaptable to any production scenario. Set up multiple machines on your network to produce the same design at the same time. Or, use each of those heads to simultaneously produce different designs from the same computer.


  • Scalability: Imagine a scalable embroidery machine network that allows you to expand your embroidery production as needed. That's the beauty of EMT16 PLUS. This modular embroidery system is superior to a standard multi-head embroidery machine because you can add individual heads to the system at any time and configure your embroidery network to match your production needs. Even in multi-head configurations, individual heads can be set up for embroidery on different products. For example, you can have three heads running polo shirts while one runs hat embroidery. Learn more about multi-head embroidery machine configurations here.


  • Laser Alignment: Embroidery positioning is easy and accurate with Laser Alignment.


  • Acti-Feed™ Thread System: Thread feed is controlled by the Melco Operating System (MOS). This allows EMT16 PLUS embroidery machines to deliver the precise amount of thread needed at any given time, resulting in the highest quality stitching at the fastest speeds possible.


  • Small, Cylindrical Lower Arm: Embroidery on shirt pockets, socks, golf club covers, and other tight places is possible due to the small size of the lower arm on EMT16 PLUS embroidery machines.


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EMT16 PLUS Packages

Full front shot of Melco printerEmbroidery customers expect quality embroidery on a variety of products, and EMT16 PLUS commercial embroidery machines will meet that demand. And this high-tech, commercial embroidery machine is scalable, so it will grow with your business. Embroidery machine packages include the following:

  • EMT16 PLUS 16 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine
  • Embroidery Machine Cart
  • Embroidery Software
  • Starter Kit & Hoops
  • Networking Cables
  • 6-Year Warranty
  • Hands-on Training






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What Can you Embroider with EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machines?

hat embroidery machine

  • Polo Shirts

  • Hats and caps

  • Beanies

  • Hoodies

  • Duffel Bags

  • Backpacks

  • Tote Bags

  • Shoes

  • Blankets

  • Towels

  • Monograms

  • Carhartt Jackets

  • Letterman Jackets

  • Leather Jackets

  • Jeans

  • Patches

  • Much More!



What’s the Difference between the EMT16 PLUS and Older Melco Embroidery Machines?


    • Processing Power: More power means enhanced overall performance.
    • Reliability: EMT16 PLUS is backed by a 6-Year Limited Warranty—the best in the commercial embroidery machine industry!
    • Up to 75% More Efficient Machine Operation: Progressive speed changes combined with pantograph and needle case refinements make EMT16 PLUS more efficient than previous Melco models.
    • Up to 30% More Stitches Per Bobbin: Fewer bobbin changes means reduced downtime per machine, resulting in greater production efficiency.
    • Outstanding Stitch Quality: Embroidery has never looked better on popular products like stretchy performance wear or dri-fit shirts, hats, caps, and more.
    • Large Storage Capacity: EMT16 PLUS embroidery machines are capable of loading the largest embroidery designs.

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    What does Melco’s Training & Support Look Like?
    Group of business professionals

    With onsite Melco training at your location,* you’ll get the most out of your machine and build a strong foundation for your business. Your only limitation for creating beautiful products is your imagination! Here are some other things to know:

    • Melco has the largest embroidery machine training network in the nation
    • Classroom training is standard and onsite training is an available option with all EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machine Packages*
    • Learn how to install your Melco embroidery machine
    • Training includes basic embroidery machine operation
    • Learn how to use the embroidery software
    • Learn DesignShop V10 basics
    • Basic embroidery machine maintenance is included

    *Ask about availability and additional cost for onsite training.

    Outstanding Technical Support & Service

    • Technical Support via Telephone, Webinar

    • Online Knowledge Base and FAQ

    • How-To and Specialty Applications Support


      EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machine Packages
      single head embroidery machine
      Single-Head Embroidery Machine Package
      • Melco EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machine
      • Melco Operating System (MOS)
      • DesignShop V10 Embroidery Software
      • Embroidery Hoops
      • Cap Attachment (Driver) & Frames
      • Removable Table Top
      • Embroidery Machine Training (classroom or onsite)
      • 6 Year Limited Warranty
      • Technical Support via Telephone, Webinar
      • Online Knowledge Base and FAQ
      • How-To and Specialty Embroidery Applications Support

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      Flex Multi-Head Embroidery Machine Package
      • Choose Your Quantity of EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machines (unlimited)
      • DesignShop V10 Embrodery Software
      • Embroidery Hoops
      • Cap Attachment (Driver) & Frames
      • Removable Table Top
      • Embroidery Machine Training
      • 6 Year Limited Warranty
      • Technical Support via Telephone, Webinar
      • Online Knowledge Base and FAQ
      • How-To and Specialty Embroidery Applications Support

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      multi head embroidery machines