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Did You Know…? Melco is a Roland Dealer!

Monday, July 22, 2019

As a screen printing or other apparel decoration business owner, it is very likely that at some point, you’ve had a customer request that you could not fulfill in-house. Maybe it was somebody looking for embroidered hats, or a little league coach requesting a small print order of 2 dozen dry-fit jerseys for his team. Chances are, you had to either refer that business to someone else, or outsource it, taking a big chunk out of any potential profit for the sale.

For some business models, it is absolutely necessary to send that business elsewhere, and stay focused on the core product or service. However, as time goes on, trends shift, economic environments change, and the need to expand or change your product offering become apparent. For businesses in that situation, Melco has a lot to offer!

First and foremost, Melco is an embroidery technology company, focused on developing embroidery machines and embroidery software for commercial applications. People that invest in our modular embroidery systems include business startups, requiring only one or two embroidery heads to fill small orders, all the way up to large corporations such as New Balance or LL Bean,  in need of multi-head embroidery machines to meet the demand of high production environments.

While embroidery machine technology is our core focus, we also partner with other apparel decoration industry brands, such as Roland, to help bring advanced printing technology to growing businesses throughout the United States. Roland is a premier manufacturer of vinyl cutting and vinyl print/cutting technology. Roland equipment is primarily used to produce high quality vinyl heat transfer graphics, decals, vinyl wraps, and much, much more. As a business owner or entrepreneur looking to invest in apparel decoration technology, you should know that Melco, in addition to embroidery machines, offers a full line of Roland vinyl printing and cutting machines!

Melco is very excited about this growing partnership with Roland, and we’re happy to demo Roland vinyl print/cut machines at trade shows and showcases throughout the United States.

Contact Melco today, we have a team of Sales Consultants that are ready to answer questions, and show how both embroidery and print can be combined to bring any business to the next level. Speaking of combining embroidery machine and vinyl printing applications, here is a great blog article on that process, written by John LeDrew, Melco’s digital printing expert.