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Digitizing for 3D Embroidery

Friday, April 21, 2017
EMT16 PLUS Hat Embroidery

An Excerpt From our 3D Embroidery Guide, Click here to download the complete document.

Basic Rules for Puff

1. The portion of the design that will be puffed must be the last section to sew. You will be laying down a piece of 3-D foam, so all flat sections of the embroidery must be sewn first.

2. The needle penetrations perforate the foam and allow for the excess to be pulled away upon completion of the sewing.

3. In addition to being the last section to sew, the segment of the design that will take on the raised appearance must be hefty enough to allow the foam to work its magic. Only satin stitches will give the raised puff look. A satin stitch width of between 3mm and 11mm should be used.

4. Alphabet text can be used as a starting point for puff letters, but they must be modified to work with Foam due to the “open ends” of traditional alphabet letter stitching.

Here is a link to download the complete document, including visuals:

Download 3D Embroidery Digitizing & Tips