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Direct to Garment Printers

About Direct To Garment Printers  

Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG printing, refers to the method of using an inkjet printer to print directly on garments, primarily t-shirts. Though the technology has been around for many years, recent advancements have produced direct to garment printers that are reliable and user-friendly. The primary advantage of direct to garment printing is the ability to produce one-offs and small production runs without the setup costs associated with other methods, such as screen printing.

Ideal for Many Business Applications:

  • Complement to screen printing, dye sublimation
  • Variable graphics, and text printing
  • One-offs, short run,s or production runs
  • Corporate, promotional, and team shirts
  • Special event shirts
  • Prints on light & dark t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts
  • Designed to print a range of sizes from infant-wear to the largest adult sizes

Modern DTG printers, such as the Epson F2100, utilize ink formulations that were developed specifically to print on cotton and cotton blends. Utilizing a sealed ink cartridge system, the printer can monitor ink levels, and replacing ink cartridges is a simple, no-mess process. CMYK inks also enable high quality prints covering a wide color gamut. Accurate and consistent color reproduction is made possible by the Garment Creator DTG printing software, included with the machine. Click here for more information on Epson F2100.

DTG printer-Epson SC-F2100