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melco emt16 embroidery machines

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About Commercial Embroidery Machines   

If you're considering an investment in commercial embroidery machines, you likely have lots of questions. Some of them probably include the following:

  • How much will an embroidery machine cost?
  • How do I finance a machine?
  • How do I get training?
  • What kind of warranty comes with my embroidery machine?
  • Is embroidery machine software included?
  • How many embroidery machines will I need?
  • How many needles do I need on a single-head machine?
  • What accessories are available?
  • What types of products can the machine embroider?
  • How fast is a commercial embroidery machine, compared to a hobby or home embroidery machine?
  • How large is the embroidery area (sew field)?


These are all common questions, and you'll surely have many more as you continue exploring your equipment options. You will find many answers here, and if you have any questions or are seeking information not found here, we have representatives that will help you along. For information about Melco's EMT16X Embroidery Machine, click here.

Learn more about Melco's embroidery machine software.

Melco's History in Commercial Embroidery

Melco was founded in 1972 as an engineering collaboration directed towards developing advanced electronic and computer graphic applications. Over the last 20+ years, Melco has established itself as a pioneer of technology in the embroidery industry. From our innovative Digitrac® system,the world’s first computerized digitizing system, to EDS III software designed for Microsoft® Windows, to our EMC 10/12 embroidery peripheral—Melco has remained a leader in the industry. In 1990, a majority share of Melco was purchased by Saurer Group-Holding Inc. of Arbon, Switzerland, a worldwide producer of textile machinery and other products. The merger of technologies has helped propel Melco into a multi-national market and further develop our proven quality. In 1989, Melco created Accessory Resource Corporation (ARC), a full-service company providing thread, equipment accessories, designs, and clothing for the embroidery industry.

In 2002, the AMAYA line of 16 needle modular embroidery machines was introduced. AMAYA was a game-changer. For the first time ever, embroiderers were able to create multi-head systems in modular configurations from 2–30 heads, all controlled by a single computer system running AMAYA OS. Each individual embroidery machine was connected to the network via cable, providing mobility and flexibility never before seen in this industry. In addition to modular flexibility, AMAYA embroidery machines are built with Acti-Feed™ technology. Acti-Feed™ automatically controls thread feed and tension using computer software (AMAYA OS). The computer senses and adjusts thread feed and tension on the fly, delivering the benefits of increased sew speeds, enhanced production efficiency, and a system that is easy to learn and use compared to conventional embroidery machines.

In 2010, Melco partnered with Madeira to provide embroidery machine customers with access to quality embroidery thread, embroidery supplies and accessories. In 2012, Melco was aquired by Mizar Holding Company. Located in Aurora, IL, Mizar Holding Company primarily operates in the Sewing Machines industry within the Wholesale Trade-Durable Goods sector.

We know that good service goes beyond offering an extensive line of quality products. Because your success is the best indicator of our success, we back our embroidery machines with an unmatched training and service network. Melco wishes you every success in the world of embroidery!