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Embroidery Machines

melco emt16 embroidery machines

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About Commercial Embroidery Machines   

If you're considering an investment in commercial embroidery machines, you likely have lots of questions. Some of them probably include the following:

  • How much will an embroidery machine cost?
  • How do I finance a machine?
  • How do I get training?
  • What kind of warranty comes with my embroidery machine?
  • Is embroidery machine software included?
  • How many embroidery machines will I need?
  • How many needles do I need on a single-head machine?
  • What accessories are available?
  • What types of products can the machine embroider?
  • How fast is a commercial embroidery machine, compared to a hobby or home embroidery machine?
  • How large is the embroidery area (sew field)?


These are all common questions, and you'll surely have many more as you continue exploring your equipment options. You will find many answers here, and if you have any questions or are seeking information not found here, we have representatives that will help you along. For information about Melco's EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machine, click here.

Learn more about Melco's embroidery machine software.

Melco's History in Commercial Embroidery

Melco is an embroidery machine and embroidery software manufacturer. Our history in the embroidery industry reaches back to 1972, and we are a present-day leader in embroidery technology. All of our embroidery equipment is engineered and developed in the United States. Our corporate headquarters is in Westminster, Colorado, a short distance from Denver. We are based in the USA, but Melco embroidery machines can be found in embroidery businesses and large multi head embroidery factories all over the world.

We understand that your equipment purchase is only part of the investment you will make as a business owner. Running a successful business means you will need training and support. In many cases, a Melco equipment purchase includes onsite training to familiarize you with your new machine(s). Once you've been trained and start taking orders from your customers, questions are bound to come up. We have a technical support team ready to help when you need it via phone, internet and our growing social network, MelcoWorld.

Everyone has a unique financial situation. If leasing or financing a equipment is part of your business plan, we are ready to help.

When you partner with Melco for your equipment and software solutions, you are getting a partner with decades of experience in the apparel industry. Since 1972 Melco has been the choice for entrepreneurs in need of apparel decoration solutions.

Click here to learn more about our EMT16 PLUS Modular Commercial Embroidery Machine.