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How to Make a Custom Fill Pattern

Monday, January 15, 2018
embroidery machine pattern

Complex fill elements are most commonly used for laying stitches down over a large area.  These fills tend to look flat and, when considered by itself, a flat fill does not usually add a lot of dynamic interest to the work.  One way to increase the interest and add creativity to the fill is to incorporate patterns within the fill area.  These patterned fills take the flat fill area and add shapes into the fill so you can give the fill an embossed or stamped look.  Melco International’s DesignShop Pro+ software has well over 40 standard fill patterns that can be applied to a fill area, but the possibilities are truely endless.  With DesignShop Pro+, you can create any shape and and turn it into a pattern for a fill area.  The below steps show you how simple it is to add your own custom patterns to a fill.  The instructions below are specifically for DesignShop Pro +.

  1.  Draw the shape you would like to use as the fill pattern
    1. Be sure to use a single walk normal element.  Use a single line and size it to be the size you want the custom fill shape to beembroider machine pattern 1


  1. Save your pattern as a Custom Shape with the category set to Patterns. The steps to do this are as follows
    1. Right click on the shape
    2. Click on “Save custom shape”  In the window that appears, set the following
      1. Give your pattern a unique name
      2. Select the button next to Custom Shape
      3. Set the category to Patterns

embroidery machine pattern 2


Now you are ready to use your new pattern and apply it to a fill area.  To apply your new fill:

  1.  Draw your fill area using the fill input method

embroidery machine pattern 4


  1. Once your fill has been created select, set the pattern to your new shape in the Object Properties.

embroidery machine pattern 4       

embroidery machine pattern 5

embroidery machine pattern 6

3. After your fill pattern is applied, be sure to play around with the handles on the shape and vary the stitch type from fill to satin to see if you like the final pattern application better.

embroidery machine pattern 7embroidery machine pattern 8