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Just Released! NEW Melco Embroidery Font Pack

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
embroidery monogram font

Exciting news! Melco has released a new embroidery font pack (also called "alphabets"). 

Here are a few key details: 

The set contains two new 3D embroidery fonts, and two new monogram embroidery fonts! Those of you that embroider hats and monogrammed gifts are sure to love those. However, this set has something for everyone. If you do a lot of embroidered logos, you’ll get a ton of use out of the Century Redux font, optimized for small lettering using 60 wt. thread. Or, if teamwear or spiritwear are your niche, there are three new Block fonts to choose from. 

As you likely know, lettering is a critical component of most embroidery designs. Benefits of this new font set include reliability, variety, quality, and ease of use. Having a font pack developed by embroiderers, for embroiderers, will reduce production costs, increase profit potential, and help deliver consistent quality for customers. These fonts certainly have an ROI value, and this investment is sure to pay for itself in short order. 

The set contains a total of 10 new embroidery fonts. It’s important to know that these are actual FONTS, as opposed to alphabets, and can be installed on your computer system. Simply launch DesignShop embroidery software, select the embroidery font of choice, and type characters using your keyboard without any special key commands. 

These fonts are optimized for Melco embroidery machines, so you can expect the best quality possible when using the proper settings, hoops, and backing. Variety and popularity were top of mind as Melco engineers and applications specialists were developing this set. In addition to the monogram fonts and 3D fonts mentioned before, the set includes a variety of other styles including, athletic block, script, and more. All fonts can be scaled and used for small lettering on logos, or large lettering on hats, bags, jackets, and other popular items. 

If you’d like more information on this font set, including a complete list of the fonts, visual examples, specs, suggested applications, and pricing, click here.