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Melco Applications Team

Mike Doe: Melco Applications Team
Headshot of M. Doe

Understanding embroidery, and how to apply it to a variety of products is part of what makes this craft challenging and fun! Decades of experience has taught us one important lesson: every embroidery business is unique, and sometimes our customers are presented with a specialty application or a different approach than your every-day embroidery.

That's where we come in! One of the many benefits of partnering with Melco for your embroidery equipment, software, or direct to garment printer is that we can provide assistance with specialty applications. Currently, there are four members that make up the Applications Team. Each individual brings a unique skill set and experience level to the table. From digitizing expertise, to appliqué, and everything in between, we bring the knowledge, creativity and skill needed to tackle almost any embroidery project your customers will bring your way.