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Melco Applications Team

Meet our Experts

Understanding apparel decoration and how to apply it to a variety of products is part of what makes this craft challenging and fun! Decades of experience has taught us one important lesson: every business is unique, and sometimes our customers are presented with a specialty application or a different approach than your every-day embroidery.

That's where we come in! One of the many benefits of partnering with Melco for your embroidery machines, software, or a digital printer is that we can provide assistance with specialty applications. Melco's Applications Team is diverse. Each individual brings a unique skill set and experience level to the table. From digitizing expertise, to appliqué, direct to garment and screen printing, and everything in between, we bring the knowledge, creativity and skill needed to tackle almost any embroidery project your customers will bring your way.

Mike Doe, Applications Team
Headshot of M. Doe

I was introduced to sewing by my father back in 1979. During his time in the Navy, he learned how to intricately sew upholstery in the boats that he managed in Vietnam. As part of my child hood he taught me the trade of sewing the different upholsteries in boats, and cars. I kept this practice at bay growing up, fixing car seats or leather couches for friends or family.

As an adult, my first interaction with an embroidery machine was with a company by the name of Creative Embroidery. I quickly learned how to run a multi-head machine (12-head). Sewing various designs on a variety of hats, I immediately fell in love with the intricate, and mechanical aspects of the embroidery machine.

Fast forward to 1997, my wife and I started Artworks, our own print and embroidery company. For six years we took orders from various airline companies, public school districts, and other types of businesses. Some of these included United Airlines, Lucent Technologies, and Drum Corps International. We embroidered large orders of shirts, bags, and hats.

In 2002 I began working at Melco, and have held various positions from sales to management and engineering. Currently, I am the Enterprise Account Manager, also lead the Melco Embroidery Applications Team. I truly love the opportunities I have to assist the sales team in implementing Melco solutions at large corporate companies, including Nike, New Balance, and L.L Bean.

I love to share my passion and knowledge of the machine with others, and the role I play at Melco has allowed me to do that. Nothing makes me happier than good quality embroidery, and my goal is to make sure companies who strive for this will receive it through the machines sold at Melco.

Nate Moore, Applications Team
Headshot of N. Moore

I’ve been with Melco since 2007, but I’ve been working with thread a lot longer. I started sewing with my mother when I was five, and I’ve been in the embroidery industry since 1997. My formal education is in graphic design and illustration, and I love applying visual design, color theory, and illustrative concepts to embroidery.

What started as a fascination in school with typography has developed into a borderline obsession with turning out beautiful letterforms in thread. How the dimensional aspects of embroidery can be translated into exquisite low relief sculptures in fiber is absolutely absorbing to me. The possibilities of embroidery as a medium are nearly endless, and I love it.

At Melco, I enjoy helping to develop better software applications, instructional materials and media, as well as work on the stickier embroidery application problems that our customers face. I enjoy a good challenge, and I always strive to the highest quality in embroidery. I also love to see what everybody is doing with our software and equipment.

Scott Stengel, Applications Team
Stengel headshot

I started with Melco in 1985 as a trainer. My duties included machine and digitizing instruction as well as sales support demos and tradeshows. After doing that for a while I wanted to try my hand at owning a embroidery company, which I did for 4 years managing production and digitizing designs.  I enjoyed the digitizing so much that I decided to switch to doing it full time, so I started a full-service digitizing center and ran it for 15 years. During that time, I digitized over 11,000 logos for large name corporate accounts.  In 2005 Melco asked me to come back to the company and help with DesignShop advancements, Amaya support, digitizing alphabets, and tradeshow designs.  Today, 12 years later I still do those tasks as well as teach classroom training here. It is excellent to be able to share real life experience with our new customers.  I think that it really gives them a great head start.

Samantha Mirabal, Applications Team

To say that Samantha has a passion for embroidery is an understatement! The craft practically runs in her blood. She grew up learning art, crochet, sewing, embroidery, and many other crafts from a very early age. However, she’s also a mechanical engineer, having worked in the aerospace/space industry for many years. She is an amazing blend of right/left brain talent, but her true love for embroidery led her to start her own embroidery business with a small single-needle embroidery machine. She is now the proud owner of a growing business, her shop humming with 6 Melco embroidery machines. While owning/operating an embroidery business is lucrative and rewarding, Samantha also finds time to help others, and share her immense talent and knowledge with others that share the same passion for embroidery.

John LeDrew, Digital Printing Director
Hesh Ledrew

I started with DTG and industrial level screen printing in 2006, printing at the highest level for some of the worlds most recognizable brands. I have an intimate understanding of what it takes to succeed in DTG and have built this department aimed at providing our customers the best possible tools and service. I believe 100% in the Epson F2000 and Melco’s commitment to our customers and their success.



Josh Welch, Applications Team

Embroidery has been a "thing" for me for over 10 years. I starting out stitching hats at a mall in Madison, Wisconsin. I have experience with many embroidery machine brands, and have even managed a large multi-head embroidery shop. I first became acquainted with Melco embroidery technology in 2011, running two AMAYA embroidery machines.  

My dream has always been to run my own show, so I decided to take a job at SC Johnson proofing logos for 3 months to get some capital to buy a new machine. I joined forces with a friend that ran a screen printing operation from a 10-thousand square foot warehouse with a full bar, full stage, motorcycle repair area, jujitsu training and screen printing and embroidery.  

While that gig was fun and rewarding, eventually I decided my true passion was teaching people how to embroider properly. This lead me to go full time as a Melco contractor. Over the years I have been a tech for the state of Alaska, but have traveled all throughout the USA doing what I love to do. Currently, I'm a certified Melco technician, trainer, and applications engineer. This is a fancy way of saying I'm proficient in embroidery technology (especially Melco!) and adept at finding creative ways to solve problems in print and embroidery.

Rachel Elenbaum, Applications Team

For as long as I can remember my grandmother and mother were always sewing. I used to watch them and help them throughout my childhood. My mom eventually got a small embroidery machine. I didn't know much about it but eventually started learning.

When I got older I got a sewing machine of my own. Crazy enough it got struck by lightning a few years later so I decided to upgrade to a sewing machine/embroidery machine combo. I fell in love and quickly discovered "In The Hoop" Projects. After 6 months of having my small table top embroidery machine I ended up upgrading to a Melco Amaya "Big Red" many people know as Georgette. Yes, I name my machines!

Back when I acquired this machine there was no online community for users of like machines to get together and chat and share ideas, so I created one. (Name of group here, if ok to mention). This group is amazing because it is full of helpful tips, hints, suggestions, new projects to try and learn and fun topics! Plus, you never know what crazy off the wall project I am working on that has embroidery included!

While, I love regular embroidery my #1 love is In The Hoop Projects and Appliques!

Now, 7 years later I have a full blown printing and embroidery shop with 5 EMT16 heads!