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Melco Technician & Trainer, Applications Team

Samantha Mirabal
embroidery machine technician and trainer

To say that Samantha has a passion for embroidery is an understatement! The craft practically runs in her blood. She grew up learning art, crochet, sewing, embroidery, and many other crafts from a very early age. However, she’s also a mechanical engineer, having worked in the aerospace/space industry for many years. She is an amazing blend of right/left brain talent, but her true love for embroidery led her to start her own embroidery business with a small single-needle embroidery machine a few years ago. She is now the proud owner of a growing business, her shop humming with 6 Melco embroidery machines. While owning/operating an embroidery business is lucrative and rewarding, Samantha also finds time to help others, and share her immense talent and knowledge with others that share the same passion for embroidery.