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Multi Head Embroidery Machines

Embroidery Machine-EMT16 PLUS commercial embroidery system

Little to no down-time in multi head production!

Production efficiency is key to maximizing profit. Melco EMT16 PLUS commercial embroidery machines operate independently of each other, on a computer network. So what's the benefit? Little to no down-time in multi head production! Contact Melco embroidery machine sales now for pricing and financing info.

Here is a common scenario: Imagine running a large embroidery order on an EMT16 PLUS modular 4-head network. Suddenly, machine Number 2 has stopped for a bobbin change. With Melco EMT16 PLUS, the other three embroidery machines are NOT affected by the stoppage of one machine. At speeds up to 1500 stitches per minute, this means that even though machine Number 2 stopped for a minute during the bobbin change, the other machines still put down 4,500 total stitches during the time it takes to replace the bobbin! Using a conventional multi-head embroidery machine, that one minute of downtime would have literally cost up to 4,500 stitches in production. With this super efficient system, it is possible to have NO DOWN-TIME in multi-head embroidery production.

You get the benefit of a single head embroidery machine AND a multi head embroidery machine, SIMULTANEOUSLY. Imagine you’re in the middle of a high-volume production run, all of your embroidery machines are working to produce a left chest logo on a polo shirt. Suddenly you get an order for 10 hats, and it’s a rush job. With the EMT16 PLUS modular embroidery system, you can pull a single embroidery machine from the multi head network and set it up to produce the hat order without stopping the other embroidery machines.

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Multi Head Embroidery Machines

Multi-Head Flexibility: Melco EMT16 PLUS Modular Embroidery System

Outstanding Return On Investment!

  • With no down-time, Melco EMT16 PLUS multi-head embroidery machines can achieve ROI faster than any other embroidery machine on the market.
  • EMT16 PLUS is a high-speed embroidery machine, operating at speeds up to 1500 stitches per minute.
  • Melco embroidery machines are built to produce, designed for commercial embroidery applications.
  • This modular, mobile computerized embroidery system can be configured as needed for your specific production application.

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multi-head commercial embroidery machines

Melco embroidery machines in multi head configuration at New Balance, USA. You will find generations of Melco embroidery machines in factories and production floors thoughout the world. We are an American company, world-wide. Contact a Melco representative now to learn more about high-output mutli head embroidery machine production, and to get embroidery machine pricing.


Scalable Embroidery System
multi head embroidery machine

Grow your multi-head Melco embroidery machine network with your business!

The EMT16 PLUS is a commercial embroidery machine ideal for production and flexible multi-head applications. Many of our customers start with a single embroidery machine, and then add more embroidery machines to create a multi-head network as production demands increase. No other embroidery machine can support business growth like Melco! Get embroidery machine pricing now.


Mass Personalization
Monogram Embroidery Machine

Study this industry for long, and you'll quickly become familiar with the term "personalization". That's what much of embroidery is about, right? The entire monogramming segment is built on the idea of personalized gifts, including hats, purses, tote bags, towels, blankets, and much more. Personalization has been around forever, BUT the idea of MASS personalization is relatively new, and something Melco does really, really well. So what is Mass Personalization? It's a bit of an oxymoron, given a moment's thought. But that's really the beauty of it. Mass personalization is the process of creating a multitude of personalized items at the same time. With Melco embroidery technology, mass personalization is a real possibility with EMT16 PLUS embroidery machines in multi-head configuration. You see, Melco embroidery machines are part of a computer network. The Melco Operating System, or MOS, controls each embroidery machine on the network individually. This gives production managers the flexibility to produce different embroidery designs on each embroidery machine, AT THE SAME TIME. Hence, Mass Personalization. Find out more.


EMT16 PLUS Multi-Head Embroidery Machine Packages
  • multi head embroidery machines​​​​​Choose Your Quantity of EMT16 PLUS Machines (unlimited)
  • Digitizing Software
  • Hoops
  • Cap Attachment (Driver) & Frames
  • Removable Table Top
  • Training
  • 6 Year Limited Warranty
  • Technical Support via Telephone, Webinar
  • Online Knowledge Base and FAQ
  • How-To and Specialty Applications Support