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What to Know: Melco’s Embroidery Digitizing Software

Monday, February 24, 2020

Digitizing software transforms your vision into stitches, and using the right software for your needs can help you create beautiful products while growing your embroidery business. However, embroidery digitizing software isn’t just for professionals - Melco’s DesignShop V10 offers 3 different levels to suit the needs of every user, from hobbyists and startups to professionals. Today, we’ll explore each version of the software and discuss some key features that are shared between the three tiers.

Melco Digitizing Software Options

Melco DesignShop V10 is available in three levels, each is created for a specific user: 

DesignShop V10 Lite

This level is ideal for embroidery hobbyists and startups, and offers a wide range of lettering capabilities at an affordable price. In addition, this level comes with over 500 pre-installed embroidery designs, which can be combined with different lettering fonts and monograms to create unique products. 

DesignShop V10 Vector 

Vector is a great choice for users who want basic-to-advanced options. With the same high-quality lettering capabilities as DesignShop V10 Lite, the Vector level also offers full scale editing and sizing with basic digitizing options. Some of the most popular features include: 

  • Graphics to Embroidery Assistant: Easily convert vector graphics into stitches with a simple point and click 

  • Unafill Splice: Splice multiple directions of fill stitches for one object 

  • Auto Underlay: Choose from multiple underlay styles for any digitized object 

DesignShop V10 Pro+

As the name suggests, the Pro+ software is perfect for professional embroiderers. In addition to the Lite and Vector capabilities, the Pro+ level is a full-featured design software that gives businesses everything they need to create, edit, and digitize designs. Some of the most popular features are: 

  • Appliqué Tool: An innovative appliqué feature (the first in the industry) that displays the appliqué pieces as fabric for a realistic view of the complete design

  • User Defined Alphabets: Digitize your own, proprietary alphabets 

  • Copy .OFM Data to Graphics Program: A win for cross-platform compatibility! Many digitizers utilize multiple programs to create and edit designs. Edit with ease and accuracy in the graphics program of your choice. 

  • Decorative Stitches: Give your embroidery eye-catching flare with this advanced feature!

  • Customize Tie-Ins & Tie-Offs: Gain complete control over your embroidery designs, including tie-ins & tie-offs


Key Features of Melco’s Digitizing Software

No matter which level of DesignShop V10 you choose, there are some key features that make Melco a top choice for digitizing software: 

Sophisticated Lettering Capabilities 

Each level of Melco’s DesignShop V10 gives you access to over 160 embroidery fonts, over 500 designs, and 25 new fonts (including monograms). To make it easier for users, fonts are not single characters that require sizing, spacing and kerning adjustments, or individual placements. Each tier of software gives you advanced control over your lettering by offering control point editing, on-screen lettering properties, and automatic borders. 

Updated Thread Charts 

To keep your designs current and match your final products with what you see on-screen, we build the latest thread charts from major industry brands, like Isacord and Madeira, right into your software. New colors and color names are also included, making it easier to search and use your desired color.   

User-Friendly Icons & Toolbars 

To help you get the most out of your digitizing software, we’ve made DesignShop V10 intuitive and easy to learn and use. With intuitive icons and organized toolbars, you’ll be digitizing your embroidery designs in no time!  

With options for every embroiderer, Melco’s DesignShop V10 software offers affordable and high-quality design software to support your embroidery needs. Whether you’re an embroidery hobbyist, enthusiast, or professional, enjoy the ease of the software while growing your business and honing your skills. Contact Melco today for more information and pricing.